Andres looking cool after burying a difficult client in the desert.

From a family of fashion photographers turned commercial directors, Andres grew up forced to work as free child labor on film sets and fashion photo shoots. His only pay being, a unique and privileged experience along the way. (Or that is what he was told)

His only way to escape this modern era slavery was to break from his family, move away from the sets and dive into the computer, beginning a VFX career in London in the early 90’s. Later moving to Barcelona with his wife to form a base and freelance around the world during the 2000’s

Andres moved to NYC with his wife an children to work as a VFX supervisor in the mid 2010’s before finally overcoming childhood traumas and stepping himself into directing.

His scarring upbringing combined with his VFX experience brings out a no-nonsense and down to earth attitude. Needless to say his directorial approach is unique.

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