Andrés is a New York based director specialising in commercials with a high content of VFX, with an eye firmly planted on serving an overall brand and/or story’s purpose.

From a family of fashion photographers turned commercial directors, Andrés grew up from one set to the next, gaining a unique and invaluable experience along the way.

Experience he applied through his extensive career as a VFX supervisor, first in London in the 90’s, then freelancing around the world in the 2000’s to settle in NY in the mid 2010’s where he finally made the jump into directing.

Andrés has collaborated with major brands of the like of Nissan, HPE, Qualcomm to name a few and has recently made his first incursion into fictional narrative with the short film “The Cake” collecting a number of awards around film festivals worldwide.

His unique upbringing and extensive experience gives Andrés a pragmatic view with a no-nonsense and down-to-earth attitude towards his projects.

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