Nissan Rogue (The Rogue has gone Rogue)

Latest job from me for TBWA/Chiat Day NY with an amazing team that worked relentlessly to pull this one in record time for the presentation of the new Nissan Rogue 2021.

This was crazy turnaround job where the whole team really pulled through like I have not seen before.


Client: Nissan
Product: Rogue
Agency: TBWA/Chiat Day
Production Company: The Mill
Executive Producer: Georgina Castle
Producer: Luis Martin
Production Coordinator: Esther Montgomery
Director: Andres Eguiguren
3D Lead: Ajit Menom
3D Artists: Lauren Shields, Justing, Kurtz, John Wilson, Mahesh MS, Arsen Arzumanyan, Ashish Rabat.
2D Lead: Keith Sullivan
2D Artists: Rosi Ruiz, Lucia Hill Barroso, Jay Lee, Alexis Jo.
Live Action Producer: Tia Perkins
DP/Camera: Michael Girandola
Matte Paint: Charles Lee
Design Artist:  Thomas Heckel
Colorist: Nicholas Metcalf